About Us

Swadeshi items have an undeniable demand. Youth today is excited to explore this authenticity. But beyond all of this exists the simple idea of trusting our own country and the goods manufactured here.

We are committed to promoting the use of Swadeshi items to empower the economy of India.

While this has always been our goal, in the present situation of a world-wide crisis, the need to promote Swadeshi holds more significance.

We are building more than just an E-commerce platform.

We are building hope for India’s economy.


It is no news that Indian economy is suffering in the midst of this pandemic. But what’s worse is that it suffers needlessly! Goods manufactured in India have always been superior to markets all around the World. If promoted well and spoken about enough, Swadeshi goods can take markets across the Globe by a storm.


Swadeshi Khareed is here to make our population feel closer to this great nation’s roots and fruits. We intend to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers by uniting them all through this platform. This is our way of promoting the growth of Indian economy by making Swadeshi goods accessible and trendy!


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