Virtual Marathon ” Bhag India Bhag

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Participate in SWADESHI KHAREED’S Virtual Marathon,
                         where you run, we donate!
Run for a cause
It is a virtual event, so buck up and run anywhere Indoor (treadmill, etc), outdoor or any other Marathon Event.
Get Beautiful E poster along with E-Certificate with Your Name, Distance, and Donation you made to frontline warriors.
The event is to promote Swadeshi Items / Made in India Items.
A virtual Marathon is a challenge you give yourself to reach a designated goal of finishing a specified distance by running at a time and location of your choice. … The big difference is that you can run this race anywhere, with anyone, and at any time of the day.
Share a screenshot of your Timing App along with your picture and registration Number on – Whatsapp – 9833534503
You can use any Timing app like Strava, Runkeeper, Nike, Runtastic etc. You can download Timing App from Google Playstore Free of Cost.
Complete the challenge of 2 K / 5K / 10K / 21K
You can get an e-Certificate via email and a poster of the donation from our website.
The event will start from 14 Aug 2020 to 16 Aug 2020.
Registration will close on 12 Aug 2020, 12 midnight.
You can share the timing app screenshot along with your picture by 17th Aug 2020 at midnight.
For more details, you can email us on –
Terms & Conditions –
• Registration date deadline- 12th August 2020 midnight.
• Sharing the timing app screenshot along with your picture by 17th Aug 2020 midnight.
1. The event organizer, the event sponsors and any other party associated with the event, are released from any and all liability whatsoever, which may arise from any direct or indirect loss, injury or death, caused by any person’s actual or intended participation in the event and its related activities.
2. The registration fee is non refundable. Should the event be cancelled or stopped for any reason, or should personal circumstances arise that prevent a person from participating in the event or completing the event, the entry fee shall remain non-refundable.

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